Car Makers Drove 14.4 Million Clicks From Google Ads In 2 Months (And That Doesn’t Include Mobile)

A whopping 177 automotive manufacture sites drove 14.4 million paid search clicks from Google ads on desktops and tablets this January and February.

Of those 177 advertisers, the top 20 advertisers (roughly 11 percent) accounted for 81 percent of the paid search clicks in the two month period, according to new data from search marketing intelligence firm Adgooroo.
Looking at desktop/tablet impression share, Toyota led the pack with its two sites: and, and round out the share of voice leaders.
Another 23 sites battled it out for a decent share of visibility, while the remaining 149 advertisers accounted for roughly the same impression share as alone.
A look at the highly fragmented share of impressions in the automotive sector, AdWords Desktop/Tablet.
Adgooroo looked at a mobile performance as well and found a similar fragmentation among advertisers. and hold the top spots in mobile as well, but and each hold a larger share of voice on mobile than they do on desktop/tablet.
Adgooroo looked at a subset of keywords in their mobile analysis, so they did not provide click or impression data for comparison to desktop/tablet.
I asked Adgooroo about historical trends for the automotive sector on paid search. A representative provided the following desktop/tablet spend data on U.S. AdWords in the Automotive Manufacturer category:
2010 $115 million
2011 $165 million
2012 $195 million
2013 $178 million
Wondering why that steady growth trend appears to have slowed last year? Adgooroo suspects it’s on account of mobile, stating,
Although spend dropped between 2012 and 2013, we believe that dip is attributable to a shift in spend from Desktop/Tablet to Mobile Search. We do not have Mobile Search spend for 2013 because we debuted our mobile search product in 2014. However, our data shows that Mobile Search spend in January and February this year was at least $1.3 million and probably higher. Averaging the total for January and February ($1.3 million) over a full year, for instance, would add approximately $7.8 million to the Desktop/Tablet total, without even considering seasonality.


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