PPC Management

PPC – Pay Per Click  advertising and marketing was constructed around a model of efficiency, and at iMarket Expert, we make every effort to take this efficiency even higher by offering PPC solutions that allow our clients to make the most of this cutting-edge technique. iMarket Expert stragetists are AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads certified.  Routinely delivering better results for clients year after year..

Although our process depends heavily on evaluating technical information and deriving conclusions based upon analytical proof, we utilize a large amount of creativity, experience and technology when reaching the ideal approach to make your PPC campaign successful. To get a peek in to just what our PPC advertising solutions involve, consider the detailed process you’ll experience when selecting us for your next PPC campaign project.

Best PPC Management | iMarket ExpertWhat to Expect Before Our Kick-off Call

  Client Research:  Our experts always take the customized approach when conducting extensive research about your company, products or services to evaluate and use the best strategy for the image your company wishes to portray.

  Discuss Client Goals: Although our group is well-informed and experienced in the industry enough to know which methods work and which aren’t, we do not even begin to formulate your advertising project without a clear understanding of your objectives and goals for the process.

Day One

  Create Accounts:  Our company works with multiple programs to construct an advanced PPC campaign, which is why we start the process by developing accounts for each specific client.
  Maximize Security: Your security and security online is a priority for us, which is why we go the additional mile to ensure your info is fully accessible by you and various other licensed users, in addition to secured from any unauthorized users.

Week One

  Analysis of Keyword Competition:  The crucial component of a successful Pay Per Click campaign are keywords. This is where our experience and expertise evaluates your competition, find the most relevant and effective keywords for your industry to get the most successful customized campaign.
  Monitor Gaps in Campaigns: Due to the fast-paced of campaigns in the initial process, very close attention is required. Daily account reviews to make sure your account is on track to meet the goals you’ve established. Any areas that need improvement, we act promptly and swiftly for the best outcome of the campaign.

Month One

  Complete Monthly Reports: Benefiting our certified, professional team and the clients we serve, data-rich reports of our progress indicating specific relevant data and statistics that reveals performance of the campaign.
  Daily Account Reviews: Keeping your account on tract and meeting the pre-determined, established goals, our experts track progress, decide if any areas need improving, and swiftly act for the most successful campaign.

The reason we out perform the rest of the industry is that we practice PPC management unlike the rest of the industry. Our PPC management is labor-intensive, communication-intensive and incredibly dynamic.

We will objectively analyze your business, goals and budget well before we negotiate terms. If we determine that we can’t bring value to your organization or that our methodology isn’t a good fit for you, we won’t take on your business.

Using this service model requires us to be pragmatic and selective in picking clients. If we identify that we cannot bring value to your organization or that our method isn’t really a great fit for you, we will not take on your company. Consequently, you can be confident that once we partner with you, we’ll deliver the results we promise.


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